About Us

In July 2017 we moved to the remote Canadian wilderness, quitting our 9-5 jobs and risking it all on following our dreams. I'm (Nick) trying to be a big bearded mountain man, and Kaitlyn is my wife who is probably cursing the day she met me. We have two children, Stephen and Frances.   

Nick is a keen wildlife photographer and you can find some of his pictures in the Gallery and the Shop pages.

One day we would like to open a campground here but before that can happen we need to earn some money.  So, in 2019 we will be selling firewood as well as attempting to farm on our property.  We have succesfully written a blog for over a year now, reaching over 11,000 people.  In November 2018 the book of blogs was released and became a best seller on Amazon.   Follow us as we attempt to make it in the great outdoors