This week’s blog is being brought to you from an exceptionally cold Dome Creek. The last few days have seen the temperature dip below -20oC and this morning was a bone chilling -30oC. Which is colder than a witches’ tit, and only mildly warmer than Donald Trump’s heart.  All of this means, that my wood gathering has been in full swing. They say collecting wood keeps you warm three times. Once when you cut it, once when you stack it, and once when you burn it. Whoever came up with this statement, clearly didn’t live in Canada. I can confirm, I was cold cutting it, stacking it and only began to warm up after half an hour of burning it. Having said that, we have had some beautiful sunny days. It might be cold, but when that sun shines, it might not warm the body, but at least it warms the spirits. I took advantage of the sunny days and ventured out for a few walks. I even did a couple of videos, and set up a YouTube account. One of the videos showed the area I want to turn into the campground, and the other one was taken on a wood finding mission. Both I think you will agree, showed off my youthful good looks, and at no point did I think my shaggy, patchy grey beard make me look anything but refined. I actually don’t mind recording myself anymore, so expect to see more videos in the future. I think it’s a great way to show you what I do on a day to day basis. So, if you’re interested in following my videos then please subscribe to my YouTube channel.

I was due to be at work today, but the afore mentioned cold weather put a halt to that idea. So instead, I have spent the day chopping logs and wildlife watching. Typical of me, the one and only animal spotted today was when I was going to the post office to collect the mail, and didn’t have my big camera with me. I saw a Lynx, around 100 metres up the road, walking down behind a friend’s property. I sped up to where I had seen it, but it was gone. I only managed to snap a couple of shots of the tracks it made with my iPhone. However, having spoken to a neighbour, he informed me that he had seen lots of Lynx tracks in the area, so I am hoping to maybe catch a glimpse of one again soon. I shall add it to the list of critters I need to capture on camera. I would put a hide up and sit in it until the animals walk past, but somehow, I think I’d freeze to death before they did.


Lynx Track


Lynx Tracks

In other news I have been applying for lots of jobs. So far no one seems to want to employ me, but I’m hoping my luck changes soon. Having spent more time walking around the campground area this week, I am determined to get the money I need to set it up. So, if you happen to be local to me reading this and need any odd jobs doing, then I’m your man. If those jobs involve eating cake and drinking tea, I can promise you that you won’t find a more qualified individual. I mention this only as reference to my diet that I told you all I was starting. This has yet to start as I had a slight lapse when I decided to bake some cookies. I put this down to being slightly depressed, caused by the lack of work. It of course has nothing to do with my lack of will power and being a fat bas*ard.

Oh, talking of campground stuff. I have updated the website, there is now more content. You can book a guided trip, (I only have one on there so far. I have loads more to add,) and you can even reserve a camping spot. In fact, I have declared it open to tents, as long as you don’t mind crapping in a bush and having no facilities then this is the place for you. Wild camping at it’s best. If you come now I will think you’re mad due to the weather, but you will be supporting our little family, and that knowledge alone should keep you a little warmer inside your frozen canvas palace. Also, I may even cook you a nice evening meal before kicking you out to your tent.


Part of the area I cleared in the summer for the campground 

That’s enough of my ramblings today. I have to get ready for my Facebook live video I do with Kaitlyn every Friday to sell her clothing. I have run out of beer in the house, so I will actually have to mentally prepare for this.

All that’s left to say is, I hope you have a good weekend, whatever you happen to be up to. Stay warm and I shall speak to you all very soon.

©Nick Hunter