It’s been nearly five months since I put pen to paper and updated the blog, so I thought it was about time I updated you all with what’s been going on. I last left off with a rather doom and gloom sounding post. We were unsure how to stay living in this place with little to no income. I’m pleased to say I have rectified this issue by sending Kaitlyn off to work and we won’t be moving anytime soon. The only down side is that I am now a full-time dad. Now anyone that tells you parenting is easy should spend a week in my house. My day is spent ensuring that my two beloved children don’t kill themselves. Which to be honest is harder than you might think. Stephen has mastered how to access pretty much everything in the house by stacking chairs in order to reach the special hiding places I reserve for things like kitchen knives, bear spray, fire lighters etc. I only have to turn my back for a minute, and he is running around the house with a bread knife trying to show it to his sister. I’d go as far as to say this job is the hardest one out there.  I mean, imagine if you rocked up to work at 6am and from that moment you juggled several tasks, while all the time being shouted at by a grumpy 2-year-old who is trying to punch his sibling and demanding to watch Paw Patrol. No guaranteed breaks and when your shift ends at 7pm (bedtime) there is almost a 98% chance you won’t get a goodnights sleep. Frances often decides to wake me from my sleep at least twice a night, demanding milk by screaming at the top of her lungs. I oblige by sleep walking into the kitchen and making her a fresh bottle, to then hand it to her and she just falls asleep clutching it. No gratitude. I can’t wait till they’re older. They have no idea that I can be the most annoying man in the world. There is a reason my mother sent me off to boarding school at 9 years old, and it’s not because I was the golden child. They will pay for my tolerance at a later date, but for now they have the upper hand. Talking of mothers, I have found a new found respect for mine. She never worked when I was a child and just looked after us, I now know how hard it truly was. I’m grateful you didn’t kill me.

kids in cage

Don’t annoy dad or you end up in the cage  

Moving on, winter is finally drawing to a close and spring is definitely in the air and I’m eagerly waiting for the bears to come out of hiding so I can once again photograph them plodding around our garden. I spotted one the other day crossing the road, so I know they’re around somewhere. May will be when they are out in full force and I should get some good pictures.

The last few months we have had our Workaways staying. It was a sad day when we waved goodbye to Kuba and Agata. Their help around here was invaluable, and I can’t really thank them enough for all they did. Also, if you’re reading this Agata, come back, I need your help. We then had Kuba number 2 join us for around 6 weeks. His work on restocking the wood shed was greatly appreciated and thanks to him we have a good head start on things. We will have another girl coming to join us at the end of April so with a bit of luck we will have the vegetable garden in on time.


Anyway, I can’t ramble on as one of the children is demanding my attention. Hopefully I’ll update things sooner next time. I’ll leave you with some resent pictures I’ve manged to snap.

Hope you all have a wonderful week and I’ll speak to you all very soon

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eagle on water3eagle on water2eagle on water



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